Here is what some of the participants in our previous weekend workshops wrote:

“Taking part in Sebastiana's sessions warmed my heart. It helped me to give myself permission to let go. I enjoyed Sebastiana's amazing facilitation skills and ability to tune into individuals and the group, catering for everybody's needs.”

Ian, Expressive Voice Group, Spring 2017

“Thank you for your incredible ability to unlock people's voices. It has made me think about the voice in a way I never thought before."

Ben, Creative Expression, University of East Anglia 2017

"Thank you so much for your work this week-you have brought both calm and joy . I feel more open about my voice and more in touch with it. Thank you for your compassion, energy and wisdom."

Rosa, Creative Expression, UEA 2017

I enjoyed being able to play with my voice and make sounds without any sense of being judged as 'good' or 'bad'. I feel like I have started to find my voice more since the course – not necessarily in terms of singing or public speaking, but a more general sense of certainty in myself and expressing myself.”

Rachel, Expressive Voice group, December 2016

I have been practicing some of the vocal exercises from the workshop in Prague. It is helping me a lot. I am attending to aches and pains in my body. It gives me strength, courage and puts me in a good mood. I allow myself to express different sounds, noises and vocalisations. It is a great way to awaken and harmonize energies in oneself.

Habi, Prague 2015

"Well paced and a perfect introduction to the work. You both held the space really well, and skillfully, giving people the freedom and space to express what was happening for them, without it taking over and disrupting the group process. It was interesting for me to see how the work uses all of the same tools that I would be working with groups, but taking it off in a different direction. I also got some insights myself into some of what holds me back from full vocal expression and where to go with that, to explore further."

Valerie W - Making Our Selves Heard workshop - April 2013

"Thanks a lot for offering "Making Ourselves Heard". I had a fantastic time and it felt really important for me to re-connect with the work after a very long break. Fact that I was able to do this in such a short time is a great testament to the two of you, and to the group. Look forward to next time - if you were closer I'd be down every weekend!"

Antony S - Making Our Selves Heard workshop - April 2013

"I can only say how much I enjoyed spending the weekend with you and the other participants. The pace was perfect, the opportunity to explore ourselves in what was for me a completely new way, through sounding in a more conscious/directed way.  I enjoyed every aspect, the opportunity to support and sense others, together with feeling my edges in various ways. Your skill is very clear, your intentions very beautiful and the space held in a gentle yet strong way.  What more could I ask?!  I know that I embrace fully the opportunity to shift/expand with any work like this, and feel deeply that working with movement and voice together brings about an extraordinary possibility to open."

Joanna M.

"For me it was an experiential sound and movement feast, your workshop! I felt held and allowed to be free. The mix of breathing, movement, voice, visual and verbal expression was great."

Maia S.

"The workshop introduced me to new vocal practices that I was able to teach to my singing students and choir. The result was very positive: the singing now sounds more relaxed and natural."

Slavka P., Prague 2013

"It was very grounding and connecting work and it was lovely to find one could be vulnerable in such a short space of time. Thanks once again for holding such a very strong space that enabled us to work deeply."

Georgia C.

"Many thanks for the fantastic weekend I had with you and VMT.  I learnt a lot about myself and my voice. It seemed very important for me to realise that my voice is a part of my body and it is being created within the body. Now when singing my voice seems more grounded and full in sound."

Katarina K.