Let your voice take you on a journey...

  • Are you interested in exploring the psychological relationship between your voice, body and emotions?
  • Have you always wanted to sing or use your voice with more ease, confidence and joy?
  • Are you looking for new ways to be creative or to write songs?
  • Do you use your voice professionally and want to understand how to use it more effectively or expressively?

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) is an expressive arts therapy that integrates vocal sound, movement, breathing, imagery, improvisation and song. VMT offers a safe and grounded approach to explore, embody and expand your voice, and to express and integrate all the different aspects of the self through voice and movement. 

Developed in the UK by Paul Newham, Voice Movement Therapy draws on the pioneering voicework of Alfred Wolfsohn, the experimental theatre work of Roy Hart, the psychotherapeutic principles of Carl Jung, and the bodywork of Wilhelm Reich.

  • 6-week long groups. One day workshops.
  • One-to-one sessions in central Norwich